Hello world!

Welcome your guests in styles with these fabulous Place Card Holders!

Hello Wolrd!

I’m Chantal…The french paper flower designer! I reside in the lovely village of Rockwood, Ontario! I have a passion for gastronomical food, expensive Champagne and chocolate…Actually you won’t be surprise to find me in my kitchen trying to create new dishes while sipping a glass of Shiraz, listening to Maria Callas or Celine Dion…Well…You know…As a french Canadian from Québec…Celine Dion had a HUGE  part in shaping me to who I have become …

…I’m totally passionate with my art which is sculpting between my fingers paper blooms …The excitment I feel everytime I see a flower taking shape in front of my eyes…I’m beyond words…

The reason why Dragonfly Expression is now known worlwide? Dedication and Passion for what I do!

About Dragonfly Expression:

For The Love of Paper…

Imagine if your wedding bouquet looked as great today as it did on The Big Day. From roses to peonies, I create exquisitely beautiful paper flowers and bouquets that stand the test of time. Not to mention, your first (paper) wedding anniversary is suddenly looking a whole lot better!

Imagine if your wedding bouquet looked as great today as it did on The Big Day

Dragonfly Expression sells beautiful and unique handmade paper flowers. My specialty is creating custom orders for weddings and special events as well as making floral arrangements as home decor, storefront windows and boutique displays.

Welcome your guests to the Venue in style with these fabulous Escort Cards

I had the pleasure in designing paper flowers for fashion photo shoots by a professional photographer and also a commercial photo shoot for AVON. In fact, my blooms were featured as backdrop in some of the AVON Spring 2012 Jewelry collection. My unique paper peonies were also solicited by the bridal magazine The Knot for a potential feature.

Dragonfly Expression’s handmade paper flowers have become a MUST HAVE at weddings and celebrations from around the world!

Stay tune to view all of my new creations…My clients…all the lovely Brides-To-Be (no brideszellas so far!) are my inspirations…they have a vision which I challenge myself to bring it into life…so far…I only have HAPPY Brides!

photo by Flashes Of Life Photgraphy

photos by Flashes Of Life Photography

Until my next post…Stay well!




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